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MDT 2010 Resources

I am currently running MDT 2008 and I am getting ready to ugrade to 2010. i will be doing a bare bones new installation. My cofidence is never very high when it comes to upgrades and Microsoft. I am evaluating my current setup and it seemd to that there are quite a few changes in 2010. I have one centralized office and I push out a standard image world wide to multple sites. I am looking for best practices for 2010 on how to set up the same scenario. ANy resources would be helpful.

Thank you
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Did you download "Optional - MDT 2010 Print-Ready Documentation.zip" from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=3BD8561F-77AC-4400-A0C1-FE871C461A89 ?

It's really useful set of documents.
Have a look at the following links:

       (click hyperlinks for "MDT 2010 new features" and for "Upgrading from MDT2008 to MDT 2010")

A lot of info about application install: http://www.appdeploy.com/
Really smart deployment guys: http://www.deployvista.com/ - Not only about Vista!


All great resources, thank you, specifically i am looking for a multi site setup.

Probably you'll finish integrating MDT with SCCM... And this requires really huge knowledge.
If you need some information about integrating - look at http://edge.technet.com/Media/System-Center-Configuration-Manager-2007-and-Microsoft-Deployment-Toolkit-Screencast/

You can also work with MDT "offline media" function and place your all your installation resources on bootable DVD or USB stick. Sticks are better because modern installation media is larger than DVD size.


I am not goint to be intergrating with SCCM, I am using LiteTouch..... At least there are no plans to do that right now. Right now I use PXE boot to WDS. I DFS the WDS directories. So everyone gets the same image and boot image. I won't rely on USB sticks and CDs because we dont have IT staff at every site.

So you should do as you plan. Create standard image with MDT then replicate it to all your WDS. I'm not sure DFSR is the best scenario for such large files... I suggest you replicate them manually after creating WIM file.