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Network drive disconnects through the day in AD enviroment

kwick asked
We are running server 2003 and active directory and recently moved offices.  The only thing that changed was our isp.

The server and the workstation are set to dynamically assign IP addresses. The users have access to the internet and printers without issue.  The problem is we share the server drive as F drive for all of the workstations.  When the users start up in the morning - they have no issues connecting to the F drive.  But a couple of times a day when the go access the F drive they get an error message that F drive could not be reached.  The only way to fix is to reboot their workstations.

What can we do to permantly resolve this issue?
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How often does DHCP lease expire? Servers should always have static IPs. I would assign the server a static IP, and then try the following:
With the static IP, see if the problem still occurs.
If it doesn't, try adding a host entry to the client machine that keeps losing connection.
If that doesn't work try mapping the drive using the IP of the machine instead of the hostname.
*If it does


Should the server be set to auto-config dns / dhcp from the router or should I set statically?
Servers should always be static, since you don't want their address to ever change, there can be lots of issues if your server IPs keep changing.