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Our WSUS Server is not  giving updates for Windows 2003 Server Appliance Edition

I have a HP NAS storge server running Windows 2003 Server Appliance Edition. I have a WSUS server that is suppose to hand the Windows updates out but I found out that the NAS server has never taken any updates! I have ran the tool to check to make sure the client can talk to the WSUS server. Any ideas on what would cause the server not to push the updates out or if there is a way I can bypass the WSUS and get updates right from Microsoft?
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As far as I remember this version of Microsoft's OS cannot receive updates and even the Service pack update must be provided from the vendor as the whole package (HW & OS) is OEM. This means that the OS is installed by HW vendors specifically for the specific HW.

We had an issue with one of our customers that tried to upgrade the OS with a SP and the server didn't reboot after that. We had to recover the NAS and wait for the "specific" SP from the vendor.

Ask your vendor for the updates (HP, IBM or whatever)


Had to contact the vendor for OS upgrades.