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Fox 9 Error  Error loading file ...

i HAVE 5 computers on a network each running the Same .exe fox application. The all work fine.  I replaced one of the computers with a new one mapped it to the proper network drive and put the same exe application on it.  I get this error
Error loading file record number 41  label1 <or one of its members Font character set  error with label 1 -font character set.  expression evaluated to be an illegal value.

How could this app run on the other computers in  the network and not produce this error.  Yet on the new replacement computer I get this error.

All puters have Fox9 SP 2 intalled.

I dont see why this error should be here.

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This is problem of Windows installation or regional settings. Your form uses Character set which is not installed on the computer or which is not supported by computer regional settings.

You should also check what CodePage is used by your application - some fornt character sets are available for certain Code pages only.

So, the easiest fix will be:
1) Check regional settings on the new computer (compare it to other computers)
2) Check the Code page used by your application (--"--)

If your environment is OK on the new computer, look into the form code or at font character sets used.

Alternatively (more advanced solution) open the form as a table:
USE YourForm.SCX
GO 41

and look what properties are used.
Software Developer
Is the new computer a Vista or Win7 machine instead of XP?

Bye, Olaf.
Olaf DoschkeSoftware Developer
The error talks about font character set. So you may lack a Unicode font capable to show the needed fontcharset on th e new machines. This may come into all the old machines with some software installed, which is missing from the new machine.

Bye, Olaf.