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Illustrator CS4 not showing OT Font

I installed a new font for a client two days ago, Philosopher, open type, it shows up in Photoshop but not Illustrator or Fireworks and I need to use it as a vector because it is large on the page and has a large stroke and Photoshop, even with every different ant-alias, looks rough. Thanks Carin
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I had this problem a while back except the font wasn't working in Illustrator or Photoshop but did in Fireworks... my work around was to convert the text to paths/outlines in fireworks and then I just copied the vector into Illustrator, in your case I would right click the text in the layers window and go to Convert to Shape then copy and paste it into illustrator as a compound shape fully editable.
This problem can be associated with the windows font managment, that uses registry to maintain font info. Try use the repair functions from FontExpert. usually this functions solve my problems



$59 is a bit high for me, any free programs that you know of that check for font errors?

They offer a free trial, more than sufficient time to you repair the font folder