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e2346437 asked
So, I purchased a Cisco 2811 with a SmartNet 24x7x4 service contract knowing that I would need assistance when the customer switched from PTP T1 to MPLS VLAN but when I go to ask TAC for configuration they reply "Cisco TAC first responsibility is to assist in restoring broken environments or production systems and can not do any design recommendations.  Our design engineers have the knowledge and experience to work with you in order to fulfill the business requirements. Your Cisco Account managers can help you get in contact with a System Design Engineer."


OK, so hopefully someone can help me.

My main site has a Cisco 2811 and the remotes have 1800's.  Each site has a routable ethernet port available to attach to the MPLS VLAN ethernet jacks the telco installed.

The telco has also provided me with several VLAN numbers:
 * HLTN (Remote site CIsco 1800)
      * Terminate Vlans
      * 391 PRIS
      * 393 CARB
 * PRIS (Remote Site Cisco 1800)
      * Terminate Vlans
      * 391 HLTN
      * 392 CARB
 * CARB (Main Site Cisco 2811)
      * Terminate Vlans
      * 392 PRIS
      * 393 HLTN

The telco has also told me that I can utilize whatever private IP's I want on the MPLS links.  I'm using 192.168.x.x on the local LAN's on each site, so I would think that I'd want to use something like 10.x.x.x on the MPLS VLAN links.

Can anybody please give me a configuration example that I can use?  I'm not a Cisco newbie but I've never worked with VLAN's before.

Thank you!
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At HTLN, for example, configure the following:

interface FastEthernet 0/1.391
 description Link to PRIS
 encapsulation dot1Q 391
 ip address
interface FastEthernet 0/1.393
 description Link to CARB
 encapsulation dot1Q 393
 ip address

With this config, you create a sub-interface on the Ethernet port, and assign it to a VLAN-ID on the trunk.  To make support easier, I always follow the convention to use the VLAN-ID for the sub-i/f number as well.


Thanks Otto, your answer was 100% perfect!  Works great!