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Status of folder replication in W2k8 r2

Coffinated asked
how do i check folder replication status of DFS on 2008 srv r2?
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DFS Replication has an in-box diagnostic report for the replication backlog, replication efficiency, and the number of files and folders in a given replication group.
ICT Operations Manager
administrative tools -> DFS Management

- Right Click replication group you want to diagnose from left hand pain and selkect "Create Diagnostic report"
- select the report you want. The options are

    - Health Report (shows replication health and efficiency)
    - Propogation Test (tests replication progress using a test file)
    - Propogation Report (generates a report based on a propogation test

- select next and give the report a name and assign a path where you want the report saved
- select the members of the replication group you want to test
- select wether you want backlogged files in the report
- Review settings and generate the report

thats all there is to it


How did I miss that in the shortcut menu....
Thank you