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Sharepoint 2003 help desk web parts

vzorn asked
Are there any free help desk web parts for Sharepoint 2003?  I can only find the one for 2007.
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Senior Software Developer
Top Expert 2009
Effectively Sharepoint 2003 is dead.  After using 2007 and now 2010 most Sharepoint developers like me have completely abandoned development on 2003 because it's throwaway code.

Sharepoint 2003 wasn't successful compared to 2007 so you won't find much for it.  When our team used it we had to build all our customization because we could find parts for 2003.

I'd recommend you upgrade or even use the free WSS 3.0 which can host Sharepoint 2007 web parts because it's the foundation for Sharepoint 2007.


Ok.  I will recommend they upgrade. Thank you for your help