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on SBS server 2003 when activating smarthost filter

1Dingodog asked
Did not reach the following recipients
drew@southernwebgroup.com on Thu, 10 Jun 2010 18:25:22 -0400
                You do not have permission to send to this recipient. For
Assistance, contact your system administrator
<svdpatl.org  #5.7.1 smtp;550 5.7.1 recipient rejected (R1)>
What does this mean when I am setting up a smartfilter?
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has the smart host registered your sending e-mail domain to allow you to relay through them?
(IE do you have permission to use the smarthost to send from your e-mail address)


yes they have been to the best of my knowledge


I have a SmallBusiness SMTP connector, do I need to delete it to use the connector for the new smart filter
You can delete the connector that sends directly if you prefer to but its maybe worth keeping as a failover in case your smarthost isnt available.

You can set the system to prioritise connectors on the 'address space' tab. For any particular domain, the routing system checks all connectors to see which has the LOWEST 'cost' for that particular domain.
These use wildcards (*) and can cover the entire internet if you just put a *
Make sure the connector for your smarthost has the lowest 'cost' and it will be used.

The error you are getting suggests there is a permission problem sending the message.
is 'svdpatl.org' your smart host?

The error youn have posted above suggests that the smarthost you have sent the message to is not willing to relay the message on your behalf. This normally means you do not have permission to use the smart host. You need to speak to them and find out why. They may need to authorise your e-mail domain or just iclude your IP in their systems permissions.