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Dynamically create controls in asp.net

pratikshahse asked
I am trying to create a list box dynamically in my code. There is a condition that needs to be true in order for listbox to be created. Can someone tell me how I can create the list box and then populate it with an array that I already have.

I have my code below
If APrompt.HasLOV = True Then
   ' create a dynamic listbox over here
   ' loop through the array and populate the listbox
    'create a dynamic textbox over here
end if

i do not have a codebehind file so everything is in my aspx page. also the above condition is being called multiple times so everytime a new listbox is created I need to give it a unique name. listbox1,listbox2,listbox3(i should be able to handle that part).

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Top Expert 2010
first use

ListBox lst = new ListBox();
use a loop through the items in the array and while looping

lst.ID = "someID";
lst.Items.Add("item here");


I had already tried thta.  but it does not show the list box on screen when I run the application
Top Expert 2010

Have a placeholder

<asp:PlaceHolder ID="ph1' runat="server" />

now after creating the listbox