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What is a C13 to C14 power cord used for?

katredrum asked
I received a C13 to C14 2' power cord with my Dell order. I'm not sure what is used for other than a two foot extension. Can anyone tell me what these are used for?
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These cables have a variety of common uses including connecting power between older PCs and their monitors, extending existing power cords, connecting to C13 socket strips (commonly used with rackmount gear to save space and for international standardization) and connecting computer equipment to the output of a UPS (larger UPSs often have C19 outlets as well.)


This cable actually came for a rack mount server. In the picture above, the left side would go into the power supply...where would the right side go into other than another connector exactly like the left side?

Can you elaborate on how this can save space for International standardization?
It would probably go into one of these:


Per the product description:  
HP Modular PDU with Fixed Cord Extension Bars are optimized for use with 1U rack mount fixed rail servers. They significantly improve cable management and airflow, and provide the power distribution needed to run your rack-mounted systems.

The modular PDU with fixed cord extension bars are ideal for use with 1U rack mount servers, which are fixed in place in the rack. DL360 and DL320 servers will significantly benefit from the shorter cables, improving cable management concerns and increasing the airflow through the back of the rack. For redundant applications, two PDU sticks may be placed side by side to allow independent power sources to reach the same server.
Those cables can be used for 100V, 110/120V, 220/240V, 230V ... most power distribution units (PDU) or uninterruptable power supplies (UPS).

Desktop computers and printers usually ship with a power cord designed for their locality because they will often plug into a wall outlet or power strip or personal UPS...the seller/OEM usually knows the destination.

Server and other rack equipment will rarely plug into the wall.  With bigger UPS systems and equipment that can be used with different voltages, it makes sense to use a standardized plug, instead of a localized version.  Cuts down on inventory and waste.
Sorry.  That's the back of an APC 3000VA UPS for the UK market.

Input: 230V via 1x IEC-320 C20.
Output : 230V via 8x IEC 320 C13   and 1x IEC 320 C19

C13 and C19 are sockets.  C14 and C20 are plugs.