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Unable to Save files in my C drive

I have windows 7 premium in my laptop and for the longest time I have been trying to save items into my C drive, but I keep getting an error message "You don't have permission to save in this location. Contact the administrator to obtain permission." I have gone folder by folder and granted access (sharing) and still I am not able to fix the problem. Is there a simple solution for this? Note: This is my personal laptop.
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This is by design.  It's to protect you from yourself. It's not really good practice to save files to the root of your system drive.

So the reason why you can not save files directly to the root of c:\ is because the ntfs permissions do not allow it.  NTFS uses the most restrictive, so even if you are a user or a member of the admin group - your also a authenticated user, and a user -- so the when you try to do something it looks to see if there are any restrictions to what you trying to do as your lowest level permissions that pertain to your account.

If you want to be able to write to root of C then you would need to change these permissions to allow for that - ie you could remove the authenticated users permissions so that it defaults to users or admin permissions - depending on on how they are set and what account your using would determine what you can or can not do, if UAC is enabled will also come into play, etc. Or change the permissions to allow what you want.. But again I would not suggest you change these unless you fully understand what you doing.
Steve AgnewSr. Systems Engineer

techsupport2010 is right, it's Microsoft way to try to encourage users to save files where they should so that the wizards and backups get your files... If you really want to save things in the C: drive, create a folder first and then save the files there.. I'm pretty sure the default is to allow you to save into a folder you create there to make it easy and quick.. if you aren't carefull and change permissions you willl cause things to start going wrong in Windows 7 since permissions are inherited when you change them at high levels like the C: drive you may create problems so it's not a good idea to change them..


techsupport2010 and DeadNight thanks for the help. I really do want to have permission to save files into my C drive. How do I go about changing the permissions?
Okay.  You will have to enable the administrator account to have full writing privileges. Even though your user accounts say you are an "Administrator," this is not the same thing as the built-in Administrator account. Here is what you have to do:


Or you might be able to get away with just disabling UAC:

Hi PachecoPrimo
I hope you are looking for this.
I'm having a similar, yet different problem.  Exact same error message, but it happens everywhere, including my users folder.  The only thing strange about this laptop is that the mother board was replaced recently under warranty.  I'm using 32-bit Windows 7 Professional.  Anyone have any ideas?