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Acer 5100; No response from keyboard, touchpad, or USB devices

PolarBearCubs asked
My brother's Acer 5100 laptop recently lost all keyboard, touchpad and usb functionality... all don't seem to work. I searched on Google for about 10 hours total for solutions and I still don't have a fix for it. It's an Acer 5100 Laptop running Windows XP Home Edition.

Unable to enter BIOS at start-up by pression F2 (keyboard does not work)
USB keyboard and mouse do not work either

This is what I've tried already to no avail:
-Unplug A/C cable, remove battery, reconnect A/C cable (did not work)
-Unplug A/C cable, remove battery, hold power button for 1 minute, reconnect A/C cable (did not work)
-Tried start-up without hard drive to 'get into BIOS'? if i'm correct (did not work)
-Tried a hard drive from another laptop (did not work)
-Jump the J2 breaker underneath the RAM stick, read it would reset the BIOS (did not work)
-Jump the CMOS battery, read it would also reset the BIOS (did not work)
-Checked the keyboard and touchpad connections under the keyboard, both are secure
-Tried the keyboard on another laptop and works there, the keyboard from the other laptop does not work on this laptop
-Tried start-up with linux ubuntu in CD-ROM without a hard drive, as read online (CD booted up and got to a ubuntu screen, but still no keyboard or touchpad response
-Scaned the original hard drive for viruses using a 2.5" external hard drive reader, no viruses found by AVG Free 9.0
-Original hard drive does work on another acer laptop

This is all the steps I've tried so far that I can remember from the past few days of troubleshooting. If anyone knows of a fix for this, help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance... CJ
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It sounds like the chipset that communicates with the USB and keyboard/touchpad is damaged on the system. Short of finding a used motherboard on E-bay, you may be out of luck.  

Definitely sounds like a hardware issue, not a software issue (so no amount of virus scanning with fix this).  It also sounds like you've exhausted all of the logical options to resolve this.
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does it show a screen?
can it boot from a live cd, like Knoppix  : ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/dist/knoppix/KNOPPIX_V5.0.1CD-2006-06-01-EN.iso        

no beeps or messages ?

Re-flashing the BIOS has a good chance of fixing it if you can manage to do it without a keyboard or mouse.
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i like that --> if you can manage to do it without a keyboard or mouse.


Thanks for the quick responses.

The laptop does boot from a CD as long as there's no hard drive in place. I will try the Knoppix.
There are no beeps or messages, the screen does work.
How could i go about re-flashing the BIOS?

I'll update you guys after trying the Knoppix

Thanks again!
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then you can flash the bios, as suggested by edbedb !
when you tried with another disk, were you able to see it in the bios?
if not, i suppose the motherboard is bad (bad disk controller) - you can check the connector though, for bent or broken pins !
Since the hard drive worked on a different machine, it sure sounds like the motherboard has a short or fried controller chip.  When you start trying to troubleshoot those sorts or problems by buying a replacement board, it will quickly become expensive.  You're probably better off buying a new laptop.
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the replacement drive, was that the same size? post model or size..