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WordPress Membership Plugins...can a currently paid members register? Those who wish to mail payments?

I'm pretty much just looking for advice here...

I'm designing a site for a non-profit organization and am using WordPress as a CMS. I'm looking into membership plugins to have the ability to take new registrations along with payment processing via Paypal. Currently, members pay their fee yearly, or there's also a life member option. I'm looking into options such as Your Member, wp-Member or the like to accomplish the same via the web.

I'd also like for members to be able to see when their membership is due and other account details.

So the real question is, is there an easy way built in to any of these plugins to integrate those people who are already paid members? What about the members that prefer to pay by mailing in a check (mainly older people)? Can you register online and then confirm them once we receive the payment?

I'm just trying to weigh all my options before I spend any money, as I'm admittedly new to WordPress.
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Most of the Wordpress Membership Plugins will allow you to do what you want, the main difference (other than price) is how easy it is to achieve.

On the specifics, I can only talk about Your Members (disclaimer, I now work for them, but I first came across them as a user) but YM includes the ability to apply membership roles to existing users (either individually or in bulk), allow subscriptions via PayPal (either using your own custom signup or by extending the standard wordpress one) as well as other payment gateways. It also provide a widget and shortcode for displaying a user's subscription info and of course you can change a users membership level manually if they pay by post. It's been continually developed over several years. so it's very unusual for us to come across a membership scenario it doesn't meet.

If you want to take it for a spin, it comes with a risk free 14 day return period.

In the interest of balance, I'd imagine most of the other big membership plugins also provide most of what you need, I just happen to think Your Members is one of the widest range of features at one of the lower prices.


As an aside, you mention WP-Members, be warned, there are TWO, one if the legitimate product by SmartMediaPro, however the other is an unlicensed copy of Your Members with a few graphics and strings replaced. See here for more info http://www.newmedias.co.uk/news/statement-on-wpmembershipservices-com-wp-members-and-your-members/

This is probably the most popular


But I've heard good thing about this


Your specific feature requests don't seem like anything out of the ordinary.  I would expect both of these plugins would have you covered, but post in the support forums of each before purchasing to be sure.
Magic Members is based on an old version of Your Members and whilst it's prettier it lacks some of the newer features. WishList is without doubt the most popular option, but comes with an annual renewal fee and "powered by WishList Member" on every page.

I agree with testing each companies support response times before you buy, it can tell you a lot about a company.


I did, in fact, decide to give Your Members a try and they seem to accommodate nearly all of my needs so far. I had an issue with activation at first and upon emailing their support personnel they had me fixed up within 20 minutes. Impressive. I posted a question in their forum which seems to be taking a bit longer to get an answer for, but if it was a big issue I'd just email them.

Thanks for the help, guys.