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SBS 2008 - USB modem will not pick up fax

southray asked
We have a SBS 2008 Server that we use to send and receive faxes.  Earlier this week, the usb modem stopped sending and receiving faxes.  The event viewer is clean.  Under device manager, the query modem is successful.  We have also tested the phone line.  When we try to fax to the server, it just rings, the server never picks up.

Is the modem bad?  Is there a place on the server that we can specify how many rings until the fax modem picks up?  Can you think of any other test to run?

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Distinguished Expert 2018
USB modems are notoriously bad at glitching which can cause a server to not see or tespond to it anymore. 64-bit OS's particularly so. If you have the option, find an older serial modem or go for a higher-end prodcut designed for servers, such as the Mainpipe brand of boards.
Mike ThomasConsultant
Top Expert 2010

As above you might want to try removing the modem and reconnecting it again, that used to work for ours.


Finally broke down and replaced it with a serial modem - Thanks!