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how to finish windows repair when both mouse or keyboard not working

cisqotek asked
i was trying to repair a windows install on my PC when suddenly i get this message box
NVIDIA nforce Network Adapter INF file. the file 'nvenetfd.inf' on Network bus Installation Disk #1 is needed
type path where the file is located, and click OK.

but thing is, both mouse or keyboard suddenly dont work. so even if i had said disk how do i hit enter? or get beyond this point in the repair?? help please
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Okay, stupid question, but I have to ask... did you try using a different keyboard and mouse?
Are your keyboard and mouse wired USB?
This problem occurs sometime when you are using USB hub for wireless connectivity of Keyboard and mouses. So i would recommend you to use PS2 mouse and keyboard.
As far as finishing windows repair is concern simply restart your system. It will start from the very same place.

What is the OS that you are using.

Try the last comment from the below post:
for usb, sometimes u have to wait, i just want to load the driver, if still cannot, try to change to ps2 mouse and keyboard...


yes they are wired usb, and no i havent tried using other keyboard and mouse (dont have extras) and they are not on a hub for wireless connectivity, but i tried connecting the mouse to my laptop and it works, so i know its not that they dont work.  the OS is windows XP


i went out and bought a ps2 keyboard and mouse which by the way are hard to find, for some reason the ps2/usb adapters were not working, but everything worked fine with ps2 keyboard/mouse thanks for your help