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Looking for a wav to text transcriber for Linux

Gregor Lambert
Hi All,
I'm looking for a transcribe solution for linux that can take a small wav file and transcribe it to a text document

We have a support solution in place on our phone system that allows the user to call through an issue and then the phone system sends out an email with the call recorded as a wav file

So we dont have to open and listen to every call as they come through I would like to setup a server that will
receive the emails and transcribe the wav files into text documents which can then be picked up by a script and auto lodged into our service desk.
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There wasn't much in the way of speech recognition for linux last I looked.

Perhaps you should get a Google Voice account and have all your voicemails coming through there.  They do voice to text via email.
Gregor LambertIT Manager / Systems Engineer


Thanks for the reply muff but unfortunately this is not an option as we work in the medical industry and the service requests contain patient information which is confidential and cannot be out sourced for that reason.. I though this one would be hard to find a solution for but never hurts to test the water :)
Well apparently Google's transcribe system is built on Voxforge: http://www.voxforge.org/

Not sure what status they are at, still building the speech corpus but they may have a workable transcription (depending on accuracy requirements).