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How to access Workgroup Templates in Office 2007

peterkennedy asked
We have just installed Windows 2007 and Office 2007 in our workplace.  On a network drive location (G:\Templates) we have all of the templates we use for the organisation.  In File Locations within Word 2007, we have altered the "Location" for the "Workgroup Templates" entry to "G:\Templates".  

When we click on the ribbon button and select "New", it provides us with template options for "Blank and Recent", "Installed Templates", "My Templates" and "New from existing".  There is no option however for "Workgroup Templates", and when we choose any on the options available, our workgrup templates are not displayed. All other template options are from "Microsoft Office Online".

I have two questions reagrding this:

1. How do I select and use workgroup templates; and
2. Is there a way that under the "Templates" list (where "Blank and Recent", "Installed Templates", "My Templates" and "New from existing" are) that we can create our own entry than can be selected to get to the G:\Templates location?

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They should be displaying under My Templates there should be tabs displaying with the name of the subfolders and the templates within them for example:

G:\Templates\Fax Templates
G:\Templates\Letter Head

You must also have "Word" Templates within the folders before they will be displayed.



Thanks for your feedback matrixnz.  In the end the problem was with Group Policy in that the Templates were not from trusted sources so they were deliberately not being displayed in Windows 7/Office 2007 as part of this policy, but we have found a solution to that now.