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How can I create this type of 'liquid' background?

How can I create this type of background in Photoshop CS4 or Fireworks CS4?

Although I have both programs (Fireworks and Photoshop) I have some experience with Fireworks. But I can try and do it in either.

Once I create this background, Is it possible to modify it in a way that it can be used as a pattern so that it's repeatable both vertically and horizontally without noticeable division?

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Make a new document perfect square. Make a new layer and fill it with the color you want the background to be. Then go in to Bevel Effect and Set the following:
Make sure the texture box is checked under the bevel setting.
Inner bevel
Depth 1
Direction Up
Size 0
Soften 0
Everything else stays default.

Now you will have beveled edges to get rid of. So click Ctrl+T to transform. Hold down Shift+Alt and drag a corner so that the bevels go completely off the stage / canvas.

Create a new layer under the background you just created. Then merger them both together by selecting them at the same time in the layers palette, to merge click Ctrl+E.

You should have a repeatable pattern.
Once you have the b
One more thing. Crop the merged image so that the beveled edges get cut off.


Thanks for the reply.