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unable to Logon as a user to win2008 TS -> automatic logoff

i have installed a windows 2008 enterprise Server with terminal services and TS licensing. I have activated the TS licensing (per user). The server and the licensing is working without errors

when i logon as user it does the following:
- welcome
- applying user settings
- preparing desktop
- Logoff

this happens with all users. I looked at in event logs, but there is nothing in there


when i logon as administrator, everything works well
i tried to add the TS user group to the local administrator group, everything works, but this cannot be the solution.

What is wrong with my terminal server?
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and Power user?
maybe even for first logon...


I tried it as power user and it worked.
Then i removed the testuser from the power user group ¿ still automatic logoff

Why does it not work as normal user
What other groups does the normal users belong to? Can you also test one of them assigned to OU with no policies. Where does their profiles go? Maybe rights on profile?

I had that problem. I destroyed the profil and created a new user and everything was working perfectly after