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Desktop freezes; iexplore process still running

David_J_G asked
I have a desktop pc that randomly locks up the desktop. New windows can be opened via rightclick<start> explore, but not from desktop shortcuts. Task manager can be accessed.
The iexplore process is listed as running even though no internet explorer windows are open. It appears that the process does not terminate completely after exiting internet explorer as terminating this process frees the desktop and the user can continue.
Any ideas on why this behaviour has started recently.
Scans show no malware.
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Are you trying to say that internet explorer runs in the background even after you exit it? try terminating the process iexplore.exe and verify if everything runs correctly.
If this is the case you might have a browser helper object or a hook that loads up when IE is running that creates the problem.
Go to tools -> Internet options -> Programs -> Manage add ons and uncheck all programs that you may not need.
Hope this helps.
are u using what version???
maybe can upgrade ie version or reinstall ie...
my first instinct would be to look for a trojan, worm or virus using iexplorer as a backend.

start your computer in safemode with networking: download and run combofix..


it also can be windows loosing, due to overloaded registry control over some processes for example :ixeplorer.exe . this is however rather unlikly since it is a windows critical file and schould have a low PID.

if combofix doesnt find anything please let me know


OK, if in Manage Add-ons, I disable the AVG Security toolbar and associated BHO then IE exits completely each time.
Would like to keep AVG toolbar on this users machine though, so suggested next step would be good?

Thanks for all help so far.

Removing and re-installing AVG will probably fix it.



Can you please confirm on the version of IE you are using. It will be good to get IE upgraded. It also wont hurt to have AVG uninstalled completely and then reinstall after IE upgrade.
Are your system logs providing you with any information?


It appears that AVG Security Toolbas has been preventing Internet Explorer from terminating correctly.
A re-installation of AVG 9.0 appears to have solved the issue.
Thanks to all for the various hints/tips in various directions.