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Using WinInstall LE to create MSI Hotfix

Flipp asked
I am using WinINSTALL LE to create an MSI.

The first thing I need to do is stop existing services - which I am fine with. THe second step is to rename an existing file (found in Program Files\...) and then I need to copy a new file to c:\program files\...

I thought about using the 'Move File' to rename the file, but can not for the life of me get it to work nor find any suitable documentation to step me through.
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Distinguished Expert 2018
Creating MSIs is tricky because most actions rely on other tables to get that actual info. WinInstall LE is particularly bad in letting you navigate those tables.  Here is a reference on MoveFiles though,


So you'll specify the *action* in one table, and then specify the path to the files (source and destionation) in a second table with a key that the first table references. It is tough to describe, but it works similarly to database tables if you are used to working with databases that support primary and foreign keys, such as SQL-based databases or MS Access, etc.  A product that lets you view and manipulate those tables easily makes visualizing the process easier as well.

Hopefully that helps. But yes, you are on the right track. MoveFiles would be the method I'd use.


I will be testing this later this week, but thanks again for your post.