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flex debuuger and normal mode

yarekGmail asked
Hello experts
When I run a SION library, it freezes my browser (flash10) in debug mode but runs normally when flash is in normal mode.
My question is: is it possible to have Flash player debugger and normal flash player at the same PC, or switch the debugger/normal mode in Flash ?
Now I compile it on one pc and test it on another pc.
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for this I usually use the stand-allone player to debug my applications. There ist a plugin for firefox though, that claims to be able to switch the Flash Player versions for you:
Ups ... wrong link ... here's the right one:

Yes you can have both normal player and debug player on the same pc..

Only condition I think is you should install them on different browsers.. ( for ex: IE and FF )

The browser which pop ups when you press debug should be installed with debug version and other with
normal player to test.

Hope this helps.

In General there seems to be 3 types of Flash Player. The Stand-Allone Player, the ActiveX Control and the Plugin (Used by Firefox, Chrome, ...)
When debugging I have had the experiance that it's easier to simply change the default executable for the swf-ending and not use the browsers at all ... it's a real PITA to change the ActiveX or Plugin versions.