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Windows7 copy paste problem


Query -: As we are upgrading Desktop Operating systems from the present existing Windows XP to Windows 7 Operating Systems, Employees are presently facing a problem related to copy paste from the local system to the remote Application such as citrix. When the day starts and Employees login into the remote Application using Citrix, copy paste works fine for some time  and later on problem starts. Employee is unable to paste anything into the remote Application but if he paste the same thing in the Local machine that is in a notepad, it works fine. Employee needs to close the application and then he/ she required to Login again into the application and then copy paste works fine.

                As per our Knowledge we have tried increasing the Paging size or virtual memory, checked the Antivirus, check the Windows Update, re-installed the OS once again, windows firewall is off, etc.. We have tried number of solutions but nothing works fine.
                Kindly suggest us how to get rid of this problem
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This doesnt sound like a problem with windows as the cut/paste facility continues to wokr on the local PC, its the remote citrix window that appears to stop accepting the pasting. The fact that closing and loggin back onto the Citrix type apps fixes it seems to confirm this.

Posts on the citrix message boards confirm this:


The solution appears to be an update to Citrix: