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How do i remove a dfs connection ?

tareksa asked
Hi Guys,
I have a file server A replicated to a server B via DFS.
I installed a third server for test purpuses : server C.
i backed up a folder from server a and restored it to server c.
I noticed that the dfs link is copied as well. I want to remove the replication between server A and Server C, because i need to test some applications with uncorrect data.
At the time being, if i delete a file from the test server c it is also deleted from Server A.
N.b. : data on the server A are not to be touched.
thx in advance.
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Check in Administrative Tools - DFS Management - Replication node if there is server C?
I don't  think just copy is enugh to enable dfs replication.
in administrative tools, distributed file systems, there was an entry with my  storage name.
i removed it, and it's working fine now.