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Can't open ZIP Files that have forwarded by an IPhone

Daithi_Mc asked

I have a number of IPhones recently purchased for the office. One problem we seem to be having is that when an email containing a ZIP is forwarded from an IPhone to somebody here in the office on their desktop PC they are cannot extract the files giving a message "NO FILES TO EXTRACT".

When I send that same email from that persons email account on their PC through outlook to another person in the Office the ZIP files open and extract files with no problems. We use XP PRO and Exchange 2003 in the office.

I have done some searching and I can't seem to find a reason for this. Any Ideas anybody?

Rgds, Dave
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Ran into this issue myself.

This happens because when reading emails on an iPhone the phone does not always download the entire message; esp if it is large (aka has an attachment). You do however have the option to download the entire message which will then allow for correct/complete file forwarding from the iPhone.

Answer: Make sure the entire message is downloaded on the iPhone prior to forwarding.
I read that zip files can only contain one "supported file" and no more.  If it contains any unsupported files, it wont open -

Here's a list of supposedly, supported files (unofficial source) -


Hope this helps bro

Additionally, what is the file size of the zip files that are being forwarded from the iphone to computer?

For example, if you email the zip file from your iphone to a workstation... when you view the file size on the workstation, what is the size of the file?

If it is zero bytes, perhaps something on the exchange server or in your enterprise spam software is stripping out the content.

If the file is exactly the same size, try forwarding an email - with attachment to an external account (like gmail or yahoo) - See if you can open it from there.


Thanks folks.

I'll give this s try this evening



Looking for guidance on this question. I have finally got around to testing this and both answers gave me good info.

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