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@antony_kibble printscreens

matthew016 asked
Hi antony !

I need 5 printscreens with your maximum resolution using Chrome (hide the mouse pointer somewhere):

mendoweb.be/docs/tmp/index.htm (on this last one the pointer must point on the square "10:15" under column "Mercredi 3 Mars", which will make the squares green, just make sure that "10:15" stays visible above your pointer)

and the fifth a printscreen of IE7 or 8 with google.com

I need a good format, .tiff, .png or even better .pdf if you have photoshop (set as High QUality Print).
(If you have Photoshop the best would be to have both .tiff and .pdf, two saves, I hope that doesn't bother :-))

Is this possible for you ??
Thanks !
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Shouldn't be a problem.

Am out of the office today, but can do them for Monday if that is OK?


ok, I thought ... it will only help me if the print screens will have a bigger pixel/inches ratio. In that case your printscreens will have better quality than mine. As your resolution is very big, I thought that probably the prints have a bigger pixel/inches ratio. that will we have to test out ... so just make one print, because everything may be pointless )
cannot attach .tiff files, but can email it to you if you want to look at it.

Any way here is the first file for you to look at.


Hi antony, thank you very very much for the help !
I tried to capture a printscreen with my laptop screen 1280 x 800. I cropped both printscreens (yours and mine) to the area I need, and may notice that they are both around 95 dpi, 19 cm large and 6.5 cm high. Thus I conclude that it has no improvement. Anyway, thank you for your precious help.