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Css Friendly Control Adaptor does not work on server when publishing a website

I have downloaded the latest version on the Css Friendly Control Adaptor project from http://cssfriendly.codeplex.com/SourceControl/list/changesets and I got the example running in VS2010 without any problems.

However, when I publish the example and try run it in on a IIS 6 (with ASP.NET 3.5) webserver the CSSFriendly control adaptor is not used at all. For example, the menu control, renders as default (I.E. With tables instead of UL/LIs).

Does anyone know why the CSSFriendly control adaptor is not used? Is there some special setting that I need to enter someware in the IIS Control Panel.

(IPs. The project runs fine if I only copy the sourcecode to the same webserver).
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Yes. There is nothing about publishing a website containing the adaptor in those samples (I have, of course, gone through all of them).