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TSM Backup Syntax

Caperuzzo asked

I need to create a bat-file to backup E:\FOLDERNAME\*.*

The backup will be store on a storage pool called VAULT.

I've tried several options but it won't run and when I run the command (dsmc) it asks me for the admin password (I have it, so no problem :-))

Anyone? Thanks!
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which kind of backup are you trying to run?

It could be incremental (which is TSM's preferred method) or full.

The incremental backup syntax (batch command line) is like this:

dsmc incremental "E:\FOLDERNAME\*" -subdir=yes -pass=password

The syntax for a full backup (batch command line) is:

dsmc selective "E:\FOLDERNAME\*" -subdir=yes -pass=password

There is no possibility to select a particular storage pool at the command line.
The storage pool is configured in the backup copygroup belonging to the management class (either default or determined via "include" option) of the active policy set of the domain the client node belongs to.

By the way, you can get rid of the password prompt by configuring "PasswordAccess Generate" in your client options file, dsm.opt.
Having done this, you only need to start dsmc one more time, entering your password when prompted, which will then be stored in encrypted form in a safe location at your client node.



I was forced to to use the scheduler to fix my problem.

Thanks for your help!