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Two SCCM primary site in active directory

makanzore asked
Hi every one,

I have 1 Forest, one domain, and multiple site. An SCCM primary site is installed on one active directory site and i would like to know if it's possible or not to install a second SCCM primary site on another active directory site and what should be the result?

Thank you
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Also when you set your Site Boundaries I have found it best not to use the AD Site Code as a boundary. The reason why is since the two primary sites are in the same forest the clients will sometime get confused. It is best in this scenario to set the site boundaries using IP Subnets.  
Hello Makazore!

Yes, you can certainly have multiple primary sites on a domain.  I would suggest setting it up in the typical primary child site method.  This allows you to perform all your admin from the central site (top site of the hierarchy).

If you don't have or keep a clean and organized AD, you should consider using IP subnets and/or IP address ranges for the boundaries.  You may have to work with your organizations network team to properly identify what IP subnets/ranges associate to site server 1 versus site server 2.  In the end, you will have two sites for your ConfigMgr clients to point to.