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Exchange Public Folder Errorr

supportemea asked
We have 1 user that is unable to access Public folders.

Error is Cannot Display the folder. This folder cannot be opened because there is a configuration problems on the server. Contact your Microsoft Exchange Administrator for assistance.

This happens to the same user on difference computers. And happens on all public folders. User account is a member of the “Domain Users” group and other people can access public folders fine.

Permissions rights to \ are Default PublishingAuthor and Anonymous Reviewer
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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution Architect
Most Valuable Expert 2015
Top Expert 2015

If this is only affecting one user I would suggest that this is Outlook profile related. The users Outlook profile could possibly be corrupt. I have seen weird error messages like this when a user has a corrupt profile.

Create a new Outlook profile for the user do the following...
- Open Control Panel
- Open Mail applet
- Click Show Profiles
- Click New (give it a unique name)
- Click Always use this profile when launching Outlook
- Start MS Outlook and see if the new profile allows the user to get into Public Folders
*If the profile is not the culprit, go back into the mail applet and select the users old Outlook profile and reopen Outlook

Hope this helps


Hi Spec01,

I thought it would be a corrupt profile. Thats why I tested on another computer and the same problem... many thanks anways though
Senior Solution Architect
Most Valuable Expert 2015
Top Expert 2015
Well I would then concider looking into resetting the permissions using PFDAVADMIN to reset the permsisions as they may have been corrupt.

Take a look at the PAQ which had the same issue you are experiencing.
Is this user not able to access the Entire Public Folder Tree Itself from Outlook.

Have you tested the same using Outlook Web Access to access the Public Folder using this user.

You would reach your organization's public folders by using the URL https://fourthcoffee.com/public.

Please check the user's access from OWA also


Hi, Yes the user can access the problem folders via OWA
could you prepare a test machine and configure the user's profile on this machine (u can use a virtual machine)
Can you Put a Screen Shot of the Error that you are getting from the Outlook Machine.