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possible attack on my SQL server 2005 DB?

newbie27 asked
Hello Experts,
I have found a strange block of javascript got apended to one of the customers table field in my database .
The jscript looks something like this
And I found this in almost every row of 1123200 records in the table.
I dont understand how this got added but this seems to have happend only today.
Please can someone advise if this make sense? Is this possible to someone update the database field which I have saved and secured on my dedicate server hosting.
Your help would greatly be appreciated.
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Top Expert 2015

Sounds like a SQL injection attack. Are you using form fields or URL parameters on the site?


Yes I  have got the registration pages where I accept data from the customers using form fields...

How can I stop happening again please advise.

Top Expert 2015
You need to remove all symbols and entities from the text submitted before processing to prevent scripts from being accepted. Don't allow symbols like &, <, >, #, |, %, etc. to make it past the first sub during postback.
Top Expert 2015

...or validate the form data on the client end and prevent symbols from being entered in the first place.
try something like this on the client end to make sure you only accept the valid characters depends on your need ofcourse

<asp:RegularExpressionValidator ID="RegularExpressionValidator8" runat="server"     
                                                                                 ErrorMessage="" display="Dynamic" Text="<br/>Invalid character entered"                                                                              ControlToValidate="txtUserName"                                                                                     
                                                                               ValidationExpression="^[ \r\na-zA-Z1-9@~#;.!)(:,£$%^&*''_+={\[}\]?/\\><|\-&quot;]*$"/>

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