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Cluster print services not working

AE2 asked
Scenario: two dell 1855 blades in an active/active cluster were failing over and rebooting. Not both blades at the same time, but recently one of the active nodes with print services failed over one afternoon and then the next morning. Called Dell, who determined that switch on the blade enc needed to be upgraded Upgraded the switch and now I have servers that can't talke to each other, print services won't work even though they are failed over to the other active node of this cluster that is reachable and has exchange and the file services on it. I can ping one of the printers from my desktop but can't ping it from the blade or switch. Found that there was second switch embedded on the blade enc so it was upgraded last night thinking it would resolve the issue. The Dell tech indicated all switches are talking to each other appropriately, though we still can't print. The second active node of the problem cluster is up and running but I can't reach it from RDP. I think the problem is cluster related at this point since Dell has determined that as far as the blades and switches go, they are talking as they should. I have a 10 blade enc. Thanks for any and all help.
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Ensure both nodes can ping each other on the public and heartbeat nics as well as their gateways and remote networks.
Review Windows firewall settings if in use.

Depending on the RDP error it could be a RDP issue (windows 2003).
Issue resolved. When I upgraded and rebooted the switch, apparently the priority order of the cluster nics changed. Private first instead of Public. Once I changed them back, all problems resolved. Thanks
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