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How to set individual ports into a vlan Cisco 2948g CatOS

Hello Everyone,

I am wondering how to set individual ports into a vlan.

I currently have the following vlans setup

Main Router:
vlan 7 2/1-24 (available straight to internet)

vlan 24 2/25-48 (behind firewall)

I am wondering for example if i have something plugged into port 5 i can move it over in the configuration file to VLAN 24

Is this possible?

The reason for this is because I am currently co locating and I don't want to have to walk down to the dc every time a customer wishes to have a firewall on there server.

Thank You all in advance.
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From privileged mode:

"set vlan 24 2/5"

will put port 2/5 in vlan 24