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ODBC Data Source Not Found by VB6 dll

I have a vb.net application that calls a VB 6 dll to extract data from an accounting system using an ODBC connection. The accounting system data sits on a server on the network and on my Dev PC this all works fine.

On a Test PC (Win XP SP3) I can manually extract data into MS Excel using the ODBC connection thus it exists and works. When the application runs it crashes returning an "ODBC data source not found" error.

There are no firewalls on the Test PC (firewalls on Dev PC don't interfere). I am assuming something is blocking access to the ODBC driver but I don't what or where to look and, of course, it may be something else entirely.

Your help is appreciated - thanks.

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Brook BraswellApplication Development Manager

The first question I have would be, is this a 32 or a 64 bit computer.
Often we think the odbc exists, the application may not see it unless it exists in the correct ODBC location.  There is a 32bit and a 64bit.


Dev PC is Win 7 32bit

Test PC is Win XP 32bit
Application Development Manager
ok, may sound silly but have you checked that the ODBC name does match what the application is looking for?
Brook BraswellApplication Development Manager

To my knowledge there are only a few things that could cause this....
1.  the app runs as 32 bit but the ODBC is in the 64 bit.  - You said you are 32 bit so this is not the problem
2.  The app is looking for a name that is not defined on the PC.   - Make sure what the app is looking for exists in the ODBC adminstrator - Also make sure it is in the System DSN rather than the User DSN
3.  You have the wrong driver used for the ODBC.


Not a silly question at all - in fact, looks like a typo in the name is the problem. Thanks for making me check it, again ;-)

I have another problem on another machine but that is for another Questions