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OWA Exchange 2010

Hi everyone.

I just finished installing my Exchange 2010 software. What ports does OWA run on? Is it still just Port 80?  I have port 80 opened on the firewall for my exchange server.

I believe the URL should be "https://mail.cwbrabender.com/owa"

What's weird, is I didn't see on the firewall any ports that were opened, besides port 25 for my OLD mail server.

I have no issues with mail flow. Just trying to get OWA working from outside the network.

OWA works fine inside the network. Any support would be wonderful.
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Rick FeeMessaging Engineer - Disaster Recovery Engineer

OWA runs on TCP 443

Locally are you able to hit https://exchangeserver/owa  ?

Basically to the firewall rule you have for 25 just add 443 to it and you should be good.
Messaging Engineer - Disaster Recovery Engineer
Odd...I'm hitting https://mail.cwbrabender.com/owa it displays a cert but not owa...to make sure your NAT is correct make sure you can hit owa locally.


I am able to access OWA locally on the server, or from any machine inside the network, using this:

https://cwbmain/owa -- that connects properly.

I have HTTP and HTTPS and port 25 open to the exchange server.
That is whether a DNS or a hostheader problem. Go for DNS:
Is your DNS internally or externally hosted? And are they both equal?
DNS internally: is "mail" directed at the EXCHANGE server? The IP of the OWA-Site (usually "default website)?
Check the IP in the Website bindings.


I have DNS installed on the Server 2008 Enterprise box (which is also where exchange is installed).

Then I have 'mail.cwbrabender.com' pointing to the external IP of my server.

I'm not sure what you're asking/wanting me to do?


I think I understand what you were suggesting. You were thinking we (my client) is trying to access OWA using the external DNS name from inside of the network.

Even if I'm outside of the network I cannot access OWA (https://mail.cwbrabender.com/owa) and I'm really not sure why.

Did the installation not work properly? If I can access it internally, but not externally, what should be the things I'm looking at?


My Mistake guys. I'm a dummy! I thought for SURE that I had opened port 443 for the new server, perhaps my firewall didn't take the changes or something.

I went back into there to double check, sure enough 443 was open to the old server not the new one. Opened it, and I'm good to go!

Lets go a step back:

1. go into IIS Manager, check the in the "Bindings" the hostheader and IP of "default website" and tell it to me
2. go into DNS Manager, into your forward Domain and tell me the IP of the "mail" A-Record (important "A" not "CNAME")
3. tell me your external IP
4. check the IP of the "mail" A record and tell it to me

I strongly assume somewhere here lies the error.