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Ipad and Sync with Mobile Me

Orcun asked
Hi, i want to do sync ipad with wi-fi.
i create mobile me account.
After than, mail, contacts tab>>mobile me account>>
mail --on
contacs-- on
bookmarks --on
fndmyipad-- on

i choose Fetch new data >> Push.
But it can't  sync contacts on mobile me with wi-fi.

How i make sync with wi-fi ?

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Do you have any contacts on MobileMe? Did you log in at me.com and check? It could be your computer that does not sync contacts?


yes,  i receive mobile me e-mail on ipad.
But i can't sync contacsts.
I have previously synchronized computer, not on my side.so i can't sync on computer.
There was yes, but I deleted contacts.
MobileMe email is not important.
Log in to me.com and tell me how many contacts you have in address book (there is a number in lower left corner).
Make sure when your iPad is plugged in tonitunes that you have NOT ticked the sync mail, calendar and contacts boxes.

To set it up so it works over wifi, go to settings - mail, contacts, calendars - select or add your MobileMe account - then ensure the contacts on/of switch is on.

That's it. Should be good to go

problem is isa server. 5223 port closed.