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How to use the CLI to run CCleaner analyze and output to a log file?

I am an MSP provider. I currently use CCleaner to clean my managed computers via CLI. If the program runs and completes I can log success or failure but I cannot log how much data was cleaned. Is there a way to output the results of what is cleaned to a log file with CCleaner?

Also, can I run the analyze feature via the CLI and output those results to a log file?
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it seems possible, http://www.freewarefiles.com/CCleaner-Portable_program_43405.html

There does not seem to be a command line option for output file, but if it reports via print out a redirect to a file will be your option.
ccleaner /auto >output.log
mthsupportNetwork Engineer


Thanks. That utility seems to work well. I am now working on parsing the results so I can run my report to pass/fail based on the 'size on disk'