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Outlook Profile Migration

pozlu0 asked
Hello everyone, I'm migrating the infrastructure from Exchange 2003 to 2010.
The new Exchange 2010 server is in another forest. I moved the
mailboxes from one server to another, leaving the account in domain
home and creating a disabled account in the new forest (forest
resource). The migration works well, but I have a problem
reconfigure outllok profiles. Clients use Outlook 2003 and don't support
Automatic detection and support tools exprofre.exe not
work. How I can configure profiles for outlook
migrated users via script?
thanks for the help
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The easiest way I have found really was to just recreate the profile in Outlook 2003 from scratch.  It only takes 2-3 minutes to do anyway and gives you a fresh start with a new OST (if you are using caching).  Also, keep in mind that you will need to enable the option to use encryption in order to communicate with the new server.

With your cross-forest migration, you may find issues with users who use the auto-completion when sending mail.  Meaning, users who attempt to send a message to someone in the same domain by starting to type their name in the "To" field and using the drop down box to select them name.  There are 2 solutions for this:

1) Delete the users *.nk2 file on their local machine.  This is the file that caches those frequently used entries
2) A longer process that involves using ADSI Edit and coping an atrribute from the old account to the new one ..

EXPROFRE.exe tool was designed for Exchange 2003. I don't think it will work for Exchange 2010 as it would not be able to resolve the LegacyExchangeDN for Mailboxes in Exchange 2010.

Not sure if there is any other tool that can be used for Profile Update. Will check that out and let you know.


Thank you all for your help.
The problem is that there are about 1500 clients and make some logon on different workstations.
Regarding EXPROFRE.exe actually does not work with Exchange 2010. Is there any tool to
payment to migrate profiles?
Thanks again
Another option is to update their profile with a PRF file.  For Outlook 2003, you can create a custom PRF file using the Custom Installation Wizard.  This PRF file allows you to create a new profile or manage existing profiles.
For Outlook 2007, the procedure is the same as Outlook 2003 except you use the Office Customization Toolkit instead. There are scripts out there that you can run via login scripts that allow clients to apply a PRF file once (sets a registry key when run) and the next time it runs it checks for a registry key and halts PRF execution.


The tool works prf fine but I have got a problem with enabling the encryption
Outlook 2003.
I am not sure if you can enable the Outlook 2003 Encrytion using the PRF File.
Another work around would be to Disable the Encryption on the CAS Server


I wanted to ask if it could be a useful approach
like this:
1) Disable the Encryption on the CAS Server
2) migrate to Outlook 2003 clients
3) update the client to Outlook 2007
4) Enable the Encryption on the CAS Server

Or I have to manually reconfigure client or 2007?
thanks again
I would suggest to upgrade the Outlook Clients to 2007.
There are other issues that comes along with Outlook 2003 connecting to Exchange 2010.
And Outlook With Auto Discover should pick the same settings after the migration.
So you can upgrade the Outlook to 2007 then do the migration.
Things should go fine for you.

I agree with Ashwin ... go straight to 2007.  There is no need to do two installs as the autodiscover in 2007 will save you some time.