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Server 2008 R2 FTPS setup and access via explorer 8 - It must be secure!!!

I have found the following link

I have completed it to the letter, but there are a few things that are incomplete,  
It has to be accessed via the Explorer Browser 8, right now, I didn't want to complicate things by added a domain name , I just want to access it through ip address like this, ftps://
but that doesn't work...
So, now I just want to get this up and running? I know there are some mistakes in here can you point them out and guide me through this?

What am I doing wrong, has anyone tried to secure FTPs via windows 2008 R2 and the webserver is in standalone, not connected to the domain.

This is a maximun secured ftp server...

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SharePoint Engineer
If you are trying to make this secure (i.e. use SSL) then you will have to access it by a host name rather than IP address.  SSL Certificates are tied to domain names, and if you don't access a link by the same name as the SSL cert then you will receieve a cert mismatch error.  You need to come up with a domain name for this site, configure DNS to point that name to your IP, and then generate and install a cert for that domain to your FTP site.


I do all that, will that allow for a FTPs that is accessable by the explorer browser interface, and SSL secure if we want to transfer files?