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How to Open a Console Session (xterm)

gpmdev asked
I am trying to upgrade the bios on a HP T5545 thin client, I have downloaded the latest bin & tgz files to the usb drive, connected this to the HP thin client, but trying to follow the instructions, and it advises on opening a console session (xterm)
I am currently logging in as "administrator mode" on the thin client, looking at the control panel, but not having much luck.
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ctrl-alt-f2 will give you a console session

then you juste have to log in
You can go back to you X session with ctrl-alt-F7
Duncan RoeSoftware Developer

Ctrl-Alt-FunctionKey gets you a console session but it's not an xterm, although it may well be what you want. It varies between distributions which function key to use - on mine it's Ctrl-Alt-F6
What these key sequences do is to change the Virtual Terminal which is current. Usually X runs on VT7, and there is a getty (login access prompt) on some other VT.
If in doubt as to which VT you want, you can Ctrl-Alt-F1 (for VT1) then if you get a blank screen touch Alt-RightArrow to go to VT2 and so on. You will either get to a screen with a login prompt or back to your X session again. If you only get back to X, or you really do want an xterm, then post again.

Then login as super user
su for FC12.
sudo su for ubuntu.

Then type xterm to open xterminal.

however Terminal is also a console session you can give all the commands there also.