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How do I prevent a logon scipt from running on servers

dpcsit asked
I have an icon that is created in a logon script, I want to prevent that script from running when a user logs into a terminal server or any server, how can I do that.

I setup a security group for the servers in question and added a software restriction policy and under additional rules I listed paths to the three domain controllers netlogon shares but the scripts still seem to run.
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The icon created is an all users desktop icon that is the shortcut to the Remote Desktop Connection to allow the user to access the terminal servers. Thus having the icon show up on the actual server is confusing to the user since we named the icon profiler and there already is a profiller 2010 icon on the application servers for access to the software itself.

Thus I either need to be able to delete the script from adding the icon when certain machine names are involved or prevent the script from executing.


I have been buried and have not been able to look at this, I hope to do so soon!