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Exchange 2007 Send Connector Throttle

I want to throttle the amount of bandwidth my Exchange 2007 hub transport servers can use for sending email.  I'd like them to only be able to use about 512Kb/s of a 1.544Mb/s T1.

I've found a reference to some settings that can be modified using the Set-TransportServer command in the Exchange Management Shell.  Not sure if any of them can be used to do what I want.

The problem I'm trying to solve is that I don't want somebody to be able to send an attachment to 100 people and then have the Exchange server utilize all of the bandwidth for the next 10 minutes sending the email and attachment to everybody.  I actually just saw this happen earlier this week.

Seems like there should be an easy way to control that???
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Great links.  Too bad this is the extent of throttling Exchange.  Wish there was a way to assign bandwidth limits.  Using Set-TransportServer will help though.