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Roaming Profile Not Available

forwiw2day asked

I have a user that was using a laptop running Windows XP and had no problems with his roaming profile, until his laptop died.  He was then given a company spare desktop running Windows 2000.  Logged on to the network and I setup his email and desktop icons.  Now this morning, after shutting down his computer last night, his desktop icons that were setup are gone, and I had to setup his email again.  I did notice that when he now logs on to the network he receives a roaming profile error message, says that it was not available...  Access is Denied.  

What happened?  

We are running AD on our Windows Server 2003.  Approx 15 clients.
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Check if Win2K has the latest service pack.Delete user profile on laptop and rejoin the computer to the domain.



Desktop is running Windows 2000 Pro, service pack 4.  I have deleted the user profile, rejoined the computer to the domain.  When logging on the our network the user will receive a timed message, something about Can't copy a.exe (path) from the server profile\desktop  to C:\ profile\desktop... a.exe.
What is the file a.exe?  After that message, the user will receive another timed message about can't load the profile and is logging you on with a temp profile.  The desktop icons are then displayed.   Each time I have to setup the users email.  His network files are available.  I've tried all the steps twice, just to make sure.  I checked the users profile and each time it comes up as local.  When I change it to roaming, sign off and then sign back on, I received the same two timed messages and the profile changes back to local.

Any ideas?
Windows 2000 and XP profiles are not compatible - I know this because I have upgraded about 300 workstations from Windows 2000 to Windows XP over the last 2 years in our corporate environment (all with roaming profiles)

Do the following -
1- Restart the users laptop and log in under a different account name (administrator)
2- Rename the users profile or delete it from the local workstation/laptop (c:\docu~1\*.*)
3- Shut the users laptop down
4- Backup his "old" XP roaming profile on the server (rename the folder on the roaming profile server to "username_bak" or something similar
5 - Have the user log back into the Laptop (windows 2000 machine)
6 - Let the new profile create, then log the user off so the profile uploads to the roaming profile server
7 - Finally, copy only the Desktop icons, Favorites and My Documents folders from the backed up profile folder (username_bak) to the users new laptop "Windows 2K machine" -

8 - After you have copied the information from his incompatible profile (the XP profile on roaming profile server), delete the backup or keep it, it doesn't matter.  When the users laptop gets XP again, you'll have to go through the same process to migrate them from Win 2k to XP

Again, this profile problem is normal with Windows 2000... Usually, a corrupt profile will give you an access denied error and following the above steps will resolve the issue.  In your case, doing these steps should resolve your issue as well.

Let me know if this is not clear or if you need more help, I do this stuff all day long



Completed Steps 1 - 3
Step 4.  Logged on the the server as the domain administrator.  Not sure how to rename the users profile.  I did find in Active Directory the username, properties, clicked on user profile tab,  and found the path.  (\\server\users\usersname\profile).  I did rename the usersname folder to user_bu.  I logged onto the Windows 2000 desktop and could not sign on with the users network name.  Received error message Windows can't create profile directory...   I went back to the server and renamed the folder back to the originals users name.  There is a subfolder called profile.  If I try to access the profile folder, I receive an error message:  Access is Denied.


The profile folder is the one you need to change/back-up ---  Sounds like your Security dept. needs to give you access to this folder in order to rename it, or have them rename it/back it up/delete it - -

If you have Domain Admin rights and your security dept. knows how to set up permissions correctly, you might be able to modify the permissions on the profile folder, thus, giving you access ---  To do so,

Navigate to \\server\users\username\ ---  Right Click the Profile folder, under Security Tab, Add domain administrators and assign full control permissions - Or, if you aren't a domain admin, see if you can add your username with full control to the folder ----  Verify with your security dept. though, this could get you into H.R. trouble if they don't want you accessing other peoples files



I am the security dept. for our network,  janitor,  jack of all trades, master of none.  Though I have never, and will never, claim to know everything...   I have been employeed by the this company for over 20 years.  Mostly learn on the job.  I have seen alot of computer changes in 20 years.  I just can't keep up.
Anyway. I was able to rename the profile folder.  

Will start with step 5 in a few.

Thanks so much!

no problem bro - You seem to be one step closer to resolving the issue - i'm sure it will work fine :)



Wonderful Solution!!!  It works now.  No timed roaming profile error messages.  I didn't even have to setup this email when I started Outlook, it worked the first time.    The desktop computer even runs faster.  There were files on our network,  that when accessed, was taking 3 times longer.  

Will Accept solution and award points to you!!!

Thanks again.

Thanks bro, glad I could help :)