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Have to clear DNS cache about every 2 weeks

Aaron_Denton asked
Appoximately every 2-4 weeks I get a call about poor performance browsing the internet.  Each time, I end up clear the DNS cache on my 3 Windows Server 2008 DNS servers and then internet browsing speed improve dramatically.

Anybody know if maybe there's a setting or configuration I can modify to prevent this from happening?
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Be very careful with scavenging. If your servers with static IPs have dynamically registered records vs manually created records, then scavenging is likely to delete your server's records. Imagine what fun you'll have when 100 server records suddenly disappear.
Also, I'm not sure that scavenging even deletes the cache. As far as I know, it just scavenges the forward lookup zone.
At any rate, if you want to clear the cache on a regular basis, you can create a scheduled task to run a batch script with the following command.
dnscmd ServerName /clearcache