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Exchange 2007 database move

DecComp asked
We recently had to reload our server and are now having problems getting the Exchange databases to mount. We are running SBS 2008 and have good copy of the whole Exchange folder and all files inside. We attempted to moved the First and Second storage group back in and then use the GUI to mount the databases, of course this failed. Is there a way to do this? To mount our old databases to the new server running same OS on same hardware.

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Cris HannaSr IT Support Engineer

You would need to bring the old stores into the new one using Exchange Recovery groups
Good Articles here http://www.backupassist.com/blog/support/restoring-exchange-2007-to-a-recovery-storage-group-merging-mailboxes/
On the EMC -> go to the properties of the Database and choose the option "this database can be over written by a restore".

Then try to mount the Database.

If it fails.

From the command prompt navigate to the Exchange Bin Folder and run the following command.
eseutil /mh

Check the status of the Database and see if it is in Clean Shut Down or Dirty Shut Down.
If in Clean Shut Down you should be able to mount it.
If in Dirty Shut Down then you will have to check for the missing log files and then play it to the Database using the Soft Recovery Command.


The first answer is for a restore we only managed to get the file (Exchange) and all its contents.  We have moved it back into the new o.s. load and have gotten it mounted.  The file size is 600mb  (should be right) but no old email is showing up in our outlook
If you have mounted the Database the Old Emails Should be showing up.

Check this.

In the ESM -> Expand the First Storage Group -> Mailbox Store -> Mailboxes.

Now here you would be able to see the list of all the Mailboxes. Check and see the Total Number of Items and the Size of the Mailboxes.
If it shows here then it means that the Mails are there in the Mailboxes.

If it does not show here then the Mails are not there in the Database that you restored. Also check from OWA and see if it is the same there as well.


Thank you