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change local password from ARD

My job as Apple Technician for an university. I am responsible with 200+ macs. I use ARD heavily and I'm wondering how can I change local password all at once?

I found this link:

I tried this in the past but it's not working right. That's why i'm asking you guys to help me out to see if there's another way that will work 100% guaranteed.
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The directions on that page are not correct in my experience. You don't need the old password,
Try this form
sudo dscl . -passwd /Users/Username password

choose root as the user to run the command in ARD


I tried on a mac and it worked on first try with a new password. But, when I tried for the 2nd time (on the same mac) with a different password and it wont work. This mac said "Access Denied" on my ARD. I couldn't access that mac anymore.

It sounds like you changed the password for the user that has permission to control the mac through ARD.
In ARD, right click or control click on the mac and get info. Edit the password to match the password you changed the local admin to.


I already did that. I tried both (old+new) passwords. Still won't work.
If you manually go to a client Mac and visually check the Remote Management settings, what do you see? Are the proper users checked?
If you uncheck/recheck the user that you changed, and then went back to ARD and tried to connect, does it work?

If you remove that IP from your ARD list and add it back in, can you connect?

If you use the kickstart command remotely via ARD, you also may be able to get back in.


LindeGrouper- What do you mean by "kickstart command" remotely? how do I do that?

And, no I couldn't re connect after I removed that IP from my ARD and added it back in.


Take a look at this:

Note: This document does not apply to ARD version 1.2 or earlier or versions 1.2.1 to 1.2.4. Apple Remote Desktop 2 or later include the "kickstart" command line utility. It allows you to install, uninstall, activate, configure, and restart components of Apple Remote Desktop without restarting the computer. You can configure all the features found in Apple Remote Desktop preferences.
Separately, the passwords of all users are saved in a hash. It is possible to drop that file holding the hash in the right place, and send that out via ARD. Let me look up where I saw this info. It was probably at afp548.com or the MacEnterprise.org site.

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