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run a batch file at logout

not sure if this is poss but here goes:

I would like a batch file to run when the user logsin, logs out of Win7 or selects to Restart/Shut Down.
it's a very quick batch to run which .

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You could probably do this through group policy using user logon/logoff scripts. Or if you are not on a domain or do not wish to do this for everyone you could set the same batch files in the local group policy of the computer.
You can edit Group Policy, under Computer Configuration | Windows Settings | Scripts (Startup/Shutdown); there you can add entries for any number of things to run at shutdown. Or, you could create a batch file which runs whatever you want and then shuts the computer down by using the SHUTDOWN command. Depending on your needs, you can use either approach.


All excellent suggestions but still to no avail as a solution unfortunately.


These solutions put me (us) on the right track to resolution but weren't the exact sole answer.