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Office 2007 Word Docs Slow opening Over VPN

ggrabows asked
Client is working from a remote office over VPN connection.  Even simple 1 paragraph Word Docs open & save slowly over the VPN (15 seconds or longer).  This occurs no matter if the client opens files from within MS Word or from File Browser window. Documents opened or saved locally have quick response.  Other file types over the VPN seem to open quickly.

Have tried:
Word Options/Advanced tab – Checking “Copy remotely stored files onto your computer & update remote file when saving”
Control Panel – Folders View – Unchecking Automatically search for files & folders

Client has is running Windows 7 Pro.  
MS Office 2007.
Windows based VPN

Appreciate any help.
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The new office format is very clever but not really ideal for VPN use as the document is bascailly a ZIP file which unzips to contain lots of XML files.
It has to unzip the file before opening, which puts extra traffic on the VPN.

15 seconds does seem a bit excessive though, so I'd do couple of tests copying files to/from a system via the VPN just to see how fast it is and compare it.

try saving a document as 2003 compatible word via the VPN and see if word stilll saves it slowly.


A workaround was created for the issue.

Hi, can you share your workaround?