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logo/picture in the email signatures in outlook

tech2010 asked
We are running outlook 2000 and 2003, we need to rollout new email signatures which has a picutre in it. What is the best and easy way to do this? thanks
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Central software can do it for you on the server but it isnt built into exchange 2003.
Exclaimer is pretty good and can include details from active directory in the signature (dept, phone number, emailaddress etc)

otherwise you'll need to add them to everyones signature manually. you can create a basic one for everyone to copy/paste into their own signatures if you want them all to match.


yes we are happy to send the instructions out to the users and let them copy/paste from the basic one which we will send them as attachment. But there is a problem when i copy/paste signature with image manaully in outlook. First it gives me error "The signature could not be located. and may have been removed" but when i click OK to this message. And when i compose new message it shows image OK in the signature and even reciepiant can see image OK as well, but then if reciepient reply to that email then the image change to some thing like <<OLE Object: Picture (Metafile)>>

Also i noticed that on one of the user that image changes to his profile path link e.g. c:\docuemtns and settings\<username>\microsofot\signature\image9.gif etc..

please let me out of this mystry. thanks

This all depends on who the image is included in the message.

If you add an image frmo your hard drive, outlook sends the image with the file.
If you copy it from a website or network, outlook tries to send a link to the image instead of the image itself.

I would recommend creating the signature and sending it to all users internally, making sure any images are pasted directly into the signaure and are not links.
get each user to copy the signaure and paste it into their own signature box in outlook.

Try it for one or two users first to see if it works.


Thanks for explaining. I have tested with few users and pasted images directly into signature editor. But I get following error when i click save and close editor file.

"The signature "c:\documents and settings.........." could not be located. This signature may have been removed"

Also note that this is the signature editor where i am pasting, not the signature box because when i paste image into signature box it does not show.

any further advise?

The image is stored in the temp folder while you have an email open. as soon as you close the email the file is deleted.
when you save the signature it can no longer find the file.
well my problem is now resovled. The problem source of the image from where i can copying from.

I have now created small html file which just contain the link of that image and image itself is stored on our web server (IIS) so we will be sending .html file to all user and they will just open that file and open image from that file and then paste at the botton of their existing signatures. End of story and problem resolved.